The Buying Process

Steps For Success

Step 1 - Choosing a Lender


It's important to choose a lender and get “pre-qualified”, or better yet “pre-approved”. This is a service that can be invaluable to you for three important reasons:

  • It will establish what price range is appropriate and what your approximate monthly payment will be.

  • You can ask your lender the amount of money they will require for both the down payment and closing costs.

  • When you establish the home you wish to buy, being “pre-qualified” or “pre-approved” puts you in a strong position when your contract is being presented. This provides sellers with a verification of your financial position and gives you the competitive edge in relation to competing offers.

We are happy to provide you the contact information for several lenders we know and trust who have provided exceptional service to our past clients. For our preferred list, please contact us here.

Step 2 - Searching For Your Home


Our team shares a cooperating relationship with all real estate offices within our community. That means that I can show you properties listed with The Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek, LLC, any other Realtors®, or any New Homes offered in our area. I will be glad to assist you with “For Sale by Owner” property, also.

When we team up to find your perfect home I will:

  • Help you to identify the type of home you are searching for.

  • Search out and send you listings in the areas of interest.

  • Set all showings and tour you through the properties.

  • Show you market data pertaining to your areas of interest and specifically any property that you are considering purchasing.


Should you see a house “for sale by owner” that looks interesting, or find something you love at an “open house”, please call me. I am well-qualified to work out the details of the contract.

If you enter a new construction site, be sure to immediately tell the sales people  that you have a Buyer’s Agent and delay registration until I am present. It's important to understand that there are no economic advantages for you to negotiate with a builder without me. The prices remain the same. 

In fact, it's to your advantage to have me at your side when negotiating with a builder. We have relationships with local builders and years of experience getting the best for our clients.

I will help you in the purchase of a newly built home just as I would in the purchase of a re-sale.

Step 3 - Contract to Closing


When you find a home that you wish to purchase, communication with the selling party is done by means of a written offer. When the seller accepts this offer it becomes a legal contract. We work with you side-by-side to guide you through,  making sure the details of your contract are exactly what they need to be. 


When people think of real estate agents they often see them as someone who helps them find a home. Sure, we know a ton about the neighboorhoods you love, but negotiation and making sure your contract protects you are some of the most important services we provide as your agent!

We help make sure that you fully understand what can be a very complex legal document and protect your interests at the negotiating table. This can include negotiations about everything from price, to move in dates, to repairs that you want made before you move in. It can even include convincing them to leave (or take) that hot tub in the backyard. As your agent, we take care of things you might not have even thought to ask for.


After we have a signed contract, I get to work making sure that your closing and move-in go as smoothly as possible. Some of the things I oversee include:

• Scheduling and attending all inspections.

• Receiving and reviewing Title Commitments (an attorney should also review).

• Writing up the inspection objection and negotiating the terms of resolution.

• Conforming and monitoring all contract deadlines to protect your earnest money.

• Working with the listing agent to confirm appraisal appointment.

• Attending your walk through prior to closing, confirming that all negotiated inspection items have been completed and verifying receipts.

• Reviewing your Buyer’s Settlement Statements prior to closing.

• Schedule & attend closing.


Our commitment to you doesn't end at the closing table. After you move in to your new home, we look forward to being a resource for years to come. We love to help our clients with recommendations for the best local contractors, sharing info about local events, and more! 

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